Monday, May 11, 2015

[Download] Chau# / Wo I Need You Single, PV & Making

Hey guys!! I got my CDs this afternoon so I uploaded them and I'm posting the entire single on this post! If you want to download any of their other singles or PVs and makings you can do that on my masterposts I'll leave those links at the bottom of this post. ^_^

Chau# PV and Making

Download from MEGA:
(431.8 MB) HERE
English Hardsub: HERE
Not my subs credit to 10-Jump**COMMUNITY MEMBERSHIP REQUIRED!!**


Download from MEGA:
(368.9 MB) HERE
English Softsub: HERE
Not my subs credit to hy-gogatsu993

Here's the single~
Click image to download rar file and track to download a song ^_^

I also uploaded an unboxing video on Facebook~ Please watch it and subscribe to my channel ^_^

Chau# / Wo I need You Unboxing!
So this video was removed from my YouTube channel last year and I got the bright idea to upload it here!! I might also link it up to my blog so everyone can view it there too~ <3
Posted by Daisuki Hey! Say! JUMP on Saturday, March 5, 2016

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couple of days, I took some time out of studying to post this

so please be patient with me ^_^

Yoroshiku! <3


  1. thx uu so muchhhh,aaah ureshiiiiii(^-^)/////////

  2. Replies
    1. They don't have subs yet but when they do I'll post a link~ :)

  3. Thanks so much for sharing!!^^

  4. thank you ^_*b ...
    but I can't open the file :( how to open it?

    1. You're welcome, If you're talking about the mp4 file, it should play if you use VLC or any other program that lets you play mp4. the sub links, you need to join the communities and then you can download the subs ^_^

  5. i can't download a subtitle
    why ?
    and can u give me a subtitle from email ?
    thanks before ^^

    1. Hi I can't send the subs through email but I did make a post on how to join the communities to download the subs~ <3

      I hope this helps ^-^

  6. Sugoiii~ Thanksssssss >//<
    thank you~ Thank you~