Thursday, September 4, 2014

[Download] Weekender / Asu e no YELL Single and PV & Making

Konnichiwa Minna!! ^_^ I've come back from the grave to give you guys Hey! Say! JUMP's 13th single Weekender!!!! :D **Also Asu e no YELL**

Here is the RAR file for the single:
Download from: MEGA

Track list:

01 Weekender
02 Asu e no YELL
03 Tada Mae e
04 Suits Days
05 Through the Night
06 Rainbow Candy Girl
07 Weekender (Original Karaoke)
08 Asu e no YELL (Original Karaoke)
09 Tada Mae e (Original Karaoke)
10 Suits Days (Original Karaoke)
11 Through the Night (Original Karaoke)
12 Rainbow Candy Girl (Original Karaoke)

To download the PV and Making please go to my Hey! Say! JUMP masterpost for their PV's and Makings. I've added Weekender and Asu e no YELL to the bottom of the list. Here is a link: 
Hey! Say! JUMP PV Making Masterpost

I am so grateful that I got my CD's today!!! I wasn't expecting them for another week but there they were this morning waiting for me xD

I'll be in touch soon, I have plans to rip my dramas I bought over the summer and share them here, I also plan to upload the S3art making and PV's from the album as well~

Yoroshiku ne~!!


  1. hi, do you have risou no musuko drama and sprout drama + making? i've been looking everywhere for that but nothing, if its not a bother for you would you upload it? D: i saw your old post for risou no musuko but the links are dead. so thanks in advance :)

    1. I do have sprout and risou no musuko on dvd but they do not come with the making, just english subs ^_^

    2. is it okay for you to share those two? i swear i wont put it on streaming sites and such especially without your consent :o

    3. Yeah no problem!! Check out my homepage and you'll see the new posts ^_^

  2. good day! do you have Hidari Me Tantei Eye Making? i wanna watch it so bad...tnx!!!

    1. Hi!! I know I have the making somewhere in my hard drives but they are back home :( I don't remember who I downloaded it from but if you search online i'm sure you'll find it :)

  3. Thank you very much for this!! I adore Tada Mae e

    1. I love it too!! I think it's 7's best song yet!! :D

  4. hi, would you mind re- uploading this album? all the links don't work.