Friday, June 8, 2012

[Download] JUMP WORLD Making HQ

 I Got My JUMP WORLD Album this morning! ♥ :D
 This File is REALLY big! But a lot of people
wanted the HQ Version So
Here it is!

Download From MEGA:
English Softsubs: HERE
Not my subs credit to Jounetsu8

Join Files With HJSplit THEN Extract 
It might seem confusing, so these pictures might help :)

Once you've downloaded all 20 files,

Open up HJSplit and choose the 001 file

It might take a while...

Once it's done, open up the RAR file.

I use 7-Zip File Manager

Click "Extract" Than "OK"

This also might take a while.

Click inside the folders "FullDisk" and "DVD_VIDEO" 
Then Click the folder "VIDEO_TS" 

Lastly, Click the Video Titled "VIDEO_TS.IFO"

The "VIDEO_TS.IFO" File let's you watch 
the entire Making without stopping, 
because the original is broken up into 4 Parts

I hope that wasn't too Confusing, 
if your still stuck, don't hesitate to E-mail me @

And I can help you out as much as I can. ^^

Yoroshiku! <3


  1. thank you so much ^_^ is this one on english subs?!

    1. No, but I just put a link to the English subs :)

  2. Thank you so much for this !

    But I have a problem : when I extract it, it says me that there is an error, that the file "VTS_01_1.VOB" is corrupted... Help me please (T.T)

  3. Actually, I don't have this file...

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  5. hello Brenda..I'm not sure if it's me..but when I tried clicking on the files, there's no link to it..sorry if this is my fault..I'm kind of a noob to blogger still. hahaha.

  6. thankssss
    I missed the limited edition, so really look forward for disk 3

  7. I have downloaded jumping car disk 2, but when i wanna join it with HJSplit, it cant be read. Must i download disk 1 too?

    1. Is it the file or the video that won't open?

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  9. I downloaded the dear disk 1 and 2 on my phone. It said to install Mega so i did as it said but i dont kmow how to play it. Would you be able to help?

    1. Once you install MEGA you follow the link I shared and it will open the file in the app, download it so you can play it on your phone. (The second disc will most likely not be able to play on a phone, you will need to use the computer)