Saturday, June 2, 2012

[Download] Hey! Say! JUMP Album: JUMP World

Download Hey! Say! JUMP's 2nd Album JUMP WORLD LE Here!

Minna, Everyone Reading This,
 Please, Please, Please, PLEASE! Buy The JUMP WORLD Album to Support Hey! Say! JUMP! They've Put Alot Of Time And Work Into Making This Album For You and Please Show Respect for The Group By Buying Their Merchandise, 
Arigatou! ♥

Download From MEGA:
Download: HERE

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Buy From CDJapan:
LE |  RE

Yoroshiku! <3


  1. Thank you! The CD seems to be out of stock everywhere I look. I will try and buy it later, I think, but for now, hooray!

  2. thank u so much for sharing ^^
    But it seemed deleted already T^T